Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 9th

So I just moved from old to ancient in the mission. I have officially crossed the 18 month mark and that apparently makes me an old geezer. I feel exactly like I did last week so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about but the missionaries in my zone are giving me a hard time about it and I guess there isnt much i can do. 
So this week was good for us. Unfortunately we had some investigators go on vacation but we are finding and teaching new people and we are really seeing a lot of promise from many of them. Michael is progressing well. He is working hard on giving up his cigarettes and his really excited for his baptism. He will going on the young men campout next week which is going to be really good for him. We have really been doing everything possible to help him give up that problem. He is making progress and he is doing well. We are getting everything set up for the next transfer. If things go well, we are going to baptize a lot next transfer. I really hope I'm here for it all. (Transfers are 2 weeks away so dont worry about them). 
I have been really happy working with my zone. I work really hard as a zone leader and it seems like people really appreciate my efforts. I don't always see the results I would like but I think that we are seeing progress out of the missionaries and that should lead to more tangable results. The Lord knows what He wants us to learn and how to teach it to us, I just try to do everything that I am asked to do and then do as much more as possible. I really enjoy it and I feel like I am more productive here in the mission than anywhere else. The Lord really is in charge of this work and we are seeing his hand more and more as we keep working towards what He would have us do. 
Things are going well and I am happy. I have really terrible allergies which are bothering me but other than that, I cant complain about anything here in the mission. 
I love you all a ton, 
Elder McNeil

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