Sunday, January 15, 2012

August 29th

So it sounds like things are progressing with the house. That is awesome!!! I am really excited to see that house be built. As far as Grandma goes. It is nice hearing your comments and seeing that you have the right attitude about it. I have met a lot of people here who have been angry and upset about the trials of a loved one to the point where they become bitter and hardhearted. Thanks for keeping the eternal perspective in all of these trials.
So, I would like you to know that we had an incredible week. We have found a lot of new investigators and we have a few baptisms already prepared for this next month. We have a girl named Andrea (the cousin of a recent convert) who might be baptized this saturday, a kid named Cristobal (the son of a less active Hermana), and Ariel who is the cousin a member who are all pretty set on getting baptized this month. We also have a number of good possibilities for these next few weeks too. It is so totally true that pacience brings blessings. These past few months have been the best months of my mission but also by far the most difficult. It is like I was rolling a boulder up hill and now we have just made it over the top and now I get the chance to watch it roll down the other side. Ariel is a great kid. He is 17 and the cousin of a member who has just recently been reactivated. He wants to be baptized incredibly badly and I can see him in the mission a year from his baptism.
Yesterday we had stake conference which was great and we were able to bring 4 investigators and 3 or so less active families and it was awesome. Also it was annouced during the conference that 18 year olds will now be able to leave on the mission. That was a pretty shocking announcement. We had a lot of youth who are now starting their papers to leave on the mission ASAP.
I love Lirquén. It is probably my favorite sector that I've had in the mission despite all the challenges. I also love the chance I have to work with my district. Every missionary has strengths and weeknesses and I feel like I have been able to relate to everyone of them in some way. I am a lot of weekness and being able to work with others helps me recognize where I need to improve and how I can help the district.
I love you guys so much but the mission is so important. Last week after reading your letter and hearing about grandma. I was sad and felt a little strange but then I just had an overwhelming feeling of "redeem the living while she starts here work redeeming the dead." After that, I have had probably one of the best weeks of my mission. I love that we have the gospel in our family and I owe that you and our grandparents and our long line of ancestors who have come before us. I am honored to take part in our long line of strong, loving, intelligent men and women. I might not change the world but I can at least change a life. That is our work as missionaries. Change lives, starting with our own.
I love you guys a ton and hope this week can be a good one for you.
Love r,
Elder McNeil

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