Sunday, January 15, 2012

December 19th

Well, first things first. I will be on skype at 7pm Chilean time on sunday and then we will be able to talk. We have a full hour to talk and I'm sure after the first 30 minutes i will be able to speak english mostly normal. I have a lot of stories that I could tell you all but you might need to remind me about some of them. If you can, try to remind me to tell you the story about Soledad, Carmen, and.... well, just remind me to tell you some of my fun stories. 
This week was a lot better than last. We had to deal with transfers which was a very long, and somewhat irritating process but that is what happens when you are as far away from concepcion as physically possible, but everyone arrived okay with out any real problems. Also, the division of the zone went well. The sisters who are now in the other zone were really sad because they really liked the zone  from last transfer and they got really used to us as zone leaders and having to get to know the new ones was a little sad for them. 
We found some really great, new investigators, some of which came to church and are really excited to keep progressing. We are really happy with what is happening. We needed to start to teach new people and the Lord has blessed us with a lot of new people. We are still a little disappointed to have a "dry month" this month but we are really excited for January because we know we will have some baptisms then. Curico is just a great city and the members are wonderful. I am so happy to be here right now. The only down side is that it is really, really hot right now. I am sleeping with just a single bed sheet because I am so hot at night, but hey, the heat will pass so I guess its not that big of a deal. 
So, Kerri is dating. I am really glad to hear that. That makes me the only single person in the family! Thats cool, I am gonna keep it that way for at least another 7 months! Ha, well, thats something we can be pretty certain about.
So I got another package from you. It was the one with the ties. Thanks for that. SO you might be wondering when the package I am sending to you will get there. Well.... about that... I bought the gifts but I have'nt actually had time to send them to you so I might just hold on to them as souviners for now and then give them to you later... sorry. 
So this are going great and we will talk more on sunday about everything. 
See you on sunday!
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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