Sunday, January 15, 2012

December 5th

Sorry, it is my turn to do numbers again so this will have to be a little shorter than usual. So, it is really sad to hear about uncle ken. I know that this is a really unfortunate time of year for some thing so sad to happen. I never really thought about how hard it must be to celebrate Christmas without a member of the family. When Mike and Kerri were on their missions it never really seemed to be that big of a deal, but Christmas without a child or parent is something that must be so painful. 
I am really glad to hear that is seems that everything is being handled well. I am really glad to hear how dignified he acted due to the toughness of his trials. It really is incredible what you said Dad about how he treated his calling as he was being released as a bishop.
Things are going well in Curic√≥. There is always a lot of work to do. I was a little sick a part of this week but you just have to work through it. There is no reason to let anything slow me down. I am going to have an entire life time to complain about how I feel and to take a day or two off work but at least here in the mission I am working off of borrowed time. 
I hope things go well during these next few weeks as you are getting things prepared for Christmas. Enjoy this time of year. There are a few houses here that have Christmas lights up but it is the middle of summer and almost a hundred degrees so it hardly feels like December. Right now also happens to be the peak of Cherry season. The cherries here just happen to be amazing but on the other hand some of our best investigators just fell of the face of the planet because they work in the processing plants. Well, we found some new people to replace them for now but we definitely going to go back and visit some of those people once their schedule clears up.  
Well, I hope you all the best. We will all miss uncle Ken but we know is already getting to work on the other side. 
I love you all a ton,
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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