Sunday, January 15, 2012

August 15th

So things have been going well for me here in Lirquén. Unfortunetly it seems like we are going to have to drop a number of our investigators and start over from ground zero with a few others but I know that this transfer we are going to baptize! It has been way too long since I've had a baptism and this transfer I am going all out (not that I wasn't before) but I just need to see something happen here. I need to feel like I am helping these people but when the people choose not to progress, how can I help them? After so much time working this hard without a baptism I feel like there must be something waiting down the road for me (hopefully soon). The Lord doesn't try us without finally blessing afterward. Well, I know that requires that we suport the trials well which I feel like I am doing okay but it is something I know we can always improve.
So I hope everything is going well for you there at home. I know that it is tough for you with your parents but they are old. This is what happens when people hit a certain age and each child feels the need to take care of them. Just be peacemakers and don't throw gasoline on the fire. Kerri, if he isn't your future husband, don't worry about breaking his heart. When his future wife comes along he will be grateful that you didn't give him the time of day. Actually I would be really grateful if a girl just told me straight up that she would rather check the other fish in the sea before making a decision. I know it is a tough thing to say, especially because you don't want to hurt his feelings but, what appears to be an evil, in the end is best for the common good. (My senior year of high school, I gave a speech on *outsourcing and said the same thing) *(This may or may not express the personal opinion of the writer about outsourcing, you decide.)
So it is great to hear that the boys from Austin are all grown up. I need to see it to believe it but Mike turned out okay so I assume they are all doing well. Cool story Dad about meeting up with an old friend from a long time ago.
Well I love you all tons and hope you are all doing well.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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