Sunday, January 15, 2012

October 10th

So I am getting a lot better at managing my time as a zone leader. I don't have a ton of time to write yall but I at least have enough. We had a really interesting week. We saw a lot of blessings and also quite a few challenges but that is to be expected in the mission. We are going to have a baptism this week which is really exciting! Soleded is the mom and soon to be mother in law of some recent converts here in the ward and she is really excited for her baptism this week. We also are working with some other really wonderful people and it is going to be great to see them start to progress. I really love the ward here. They are really wonderful people and I love getting the chance to work with them.
Today we went and saw probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. It is called Siete Tazas and is a series of pools connected by waterfalls. We also did some pretty cool hikes as a zone. We had decided that we want to have a really spritual experience on this trip so we told everyone to separate and pray in the forest around the waterfall. If going to the mountains and praying worked for the Prophets of Old, we thought why couldn't it help the zone be a little stronger. It totally felt like a "Waters of Mormon" moment and a lot of the missionaries were really grateful for the moment to really stop and feel the spirit. It was a really cool day. I am going to try and send pictures next week if I get the chance. 
So, I actually dont have my passport with me so I need to look that up and send it to you later but my diver's license number is F1752321. You might want to look around the house to see if you find a copy of my passport, you just have to make sure its my new one. The one I have now expires in 2020 if you are looking for that copy. I will try to send the number later this week but I really am not sure if I will have the time to do so. Will you have to send me a new card? Will I be able to use the card I have right now?
I also don't want you to get too worried about Christmas packages but if you will be sending me anything soon, I need more face stuff and I would also really like some good socks. I dont really want anything specific as far as food goes but a thing of beef jerky never hurts anyone. I dont think i'll be needing anything else that I can't buy here so dont go over the top with anything.
I love you all a ton and hope you are all doing really well.
Elder McNeil

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