Sunday, January 15, 2012

October 24th

So this week I bought a new memory card adaptor so I can actually send you photos this week. I know its been a long time but with as crazy as being a missionary is, sending your family photos gets put on the back burner. I'm sorry its been such a long time but I think you are really going to like the pictures. Some are from my old sector in Lirquén and a then there are a few newer ones from here in Curicó. You will see this pcitures and realize that I really am in the most beautiful place in the world!
Anyway, this week was really great. We have been able to really get this sector on its feet and it sure is going! The Lord really is blessing us with great people to teach and I am really happy with all the wonderful things that have been happening. We are going to have at least 2 baptisms in the next three weeks and it is also pretty likely that we will have 5 in the month of November. The Lord wants his missionaries to have success which is why we keep seeing miracles everyday.
So unfortunetly this week, it was my turn to do numbers again so I don't have much time left but I really want to let you know how much I love the mission. I know that right now the family is stressing out about Uncle Ken and Grandma and Grandpa Brew and also Grandpa McNeil but I feel like if I was there, things would be much more difficult for the entire family. Unfortunetly, when I finish the mission, we wont have any of those blessings that come to families with missionaries serving. I love it here, I love this work, don't worry about me or ask yourselves if I'm happy. I am very, very happy. 
As far as package stuff. I need face stuff and I was thinking beef jerky would be nice but I'm not picky. Send me whatever you want and it will be good enough for me. I love you all a ton.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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