Sunday, January 15, 2012

October 17th

So I got the package that you had sent me for halloween. Thanks for the candy and the Mr. Potatohead stuff. I really liked the stuff Kerri sent me from the other side of the world. Thanks for getting all of that for me for a random holiday. It was awesome.

So this week, we have seen a ton of miracles. We had a baptism this weekend which was probably the most spiritual baptism I have ever been to. We are also finding people who are super prepared to recieve us. I have some really good feelings about different things we are going to do in our sector and I think that we are going to keep seeing amazing things happening here everyday. We still have along way to go. I know that my sector needs to be a model for the rest of the zone and right now it is getting there but there is still much more that needs to happen for the sector to really be the way it needs to be. I am really greatful that the Lord puts us where He wants us to be. I cannot explain some of the things that have been happening here in this sector. We are just seeing marvilous things happening because the Lord really does direct this work. I know what the Lord wants from me and I know that it isn't going to come without passing through some trials but I am really excited to keep up the hard work and get things done. 
Sorry if this letter seemed short. I actually am not rushed or anything, i just feel like I've said what needs to be said. I am really happy and I can't wait to get back to work and see some more miracles happening around me. I love you all a ton and hope you forgive me for such a short letter.
Love ,
Elder McNeil 

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