Sunday, January 15, 2012

September 12th

So it is great to know that this week was a little more relaxed and easier than the past few have been. It is also great hearing about BYU and UT. It would have been better if BYU won but its UT so I don't mind. It is also great to hear that all you are finally done going through all the hoops and red tape to finally get every thing set for the house. When is it expected to be finished? Also what is the address of the site (i want to google earth it)? Also feel free to send me pictures when ever to want of the family, the house, or anything else you want me to see.
So this week was a little tougher than the last few have been but we are expecting to have a baptism this Sunday which will be a great blessing for the ward. This Sunday also just happens to be the 18 of September which is Independence day here in Chile which means lots of parties, lots of asado (grilled meat), and EMPANADAS!!!!!!! I can't explain how much I love empanadas. They are incredible. Just ask Kerri, she'll agree with me.
We are really excited about our great investigators who are progressing but it has been a little hard to find new investigators to replace them so we are really focusing our efforts on finding again. It is really tough to find people in this sector but once you do, they progress really quickly. I love Lirquén a ton and it is going to be great to be here for the 18 de septiembre because this ward is great.
We wont know transfers until next week but there have been a lot of rumors going around the mission. President Humphrey actually has already prepared the cambios because a seventy is going to visit the mission this week and everyone is anxious to know about them. I try not to pay much attention to the rumors but if they are true, I will probably be leaving Lirquén. I really want to make sure this final week is really great because there are a lot of people who will be baptized in these next few weeks and I want to leave them prepared for whoever come next. Actually this week is going to drive me a little crazy because I am really anxious to know what will happen.
I am really happy to hear that you are all doing well and I hope things keep improving for all of you. Keep me informed on everything that is going on and I love you guys a ton.
Elder McNeil

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