Sunday, January 15, 2012

August 1st

So this week was really great but it would be nice if we could just skip what is left of winter and go straight to summer. The weather in Lirquèn is just so unpredictable so we are walking around in the sun with heavy waterproof jackets and rain boots and when it rains, we are wearing nothing but white shirts and V-neck sweaters. It is actually funny, I always have an umbrella in my bag and my scriptures are typically wrapped up in plastic bags and I always have earmuffs just in case it gets windy.
So I am really happy. This week was probably the most productive week I've had here in Lirquèn. We are finally seeing a lot of progress and we are seeing lots of miracles everyday. I really have learned a lot about patience and persistence here in this area and I know that there is a lot more to be learned. My comp is doing really well and I am really grateful to be training because I can see how he is developing and changing everyday. I am really excited for what lies ahead for me here in Lirquèn because I have been here for 3 months and am just now seeing how much the sector has changed since I've been here. I still haven't had any baptisms here but the Lord has blessed me in other ways (and the baptisms are coming).
I hope you have been able to see changes in who I am through my emails because I feel like I have changed a lot since I've been a missionary. I haven't started eating cats, but I did eat that entire package that you less than a week.
Well, I love you tons. I hope that life is treating you well and I am always praying for you.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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