Sunday, July 31, 2011

May 30th

So did you know how amazing the church's online store is? I just ordered like a ton of stuff that I needed and they are going to deliver it straight to the mission!
Sorry, sometimes you need to stop and think about how wonderful the little things in life are. So this week went really well. Well actually we are having a hard time finding people to teach but we are teaching and the lessons we are having are really great. We have also discovered how incredible the chruch's new Church HIstory DVD set is for teaching. They have a video or visual for everything! Once again, the little things in life are making me really happy.
This week we had Zone conference and since then, I have been really happy about everything. Almost too happy. I really enjoyed what we heard and the mission is changing so much. I was watching as the missionaries who are leaving gave thier testimonies and it is really incredible. THe mission I arrived to almost doesnt exisit now. Also, the church keeps giving us new materials that it is almost changing faster than I can keep up. The Lord wants the best so He is giving us everything we need to be the best. It is a lot of responsibility, especially because we are kind of gineapigs for all this new stuff and Pres. Humprehy keeps implying that there is going to be even more changes coming soon.
So i love the new sector but it is hard to adjust to a new style of working because what I did in my other sectors does not work here so it is almost like starting from ground zero but it is really fun. I like the sector a lot and the ward is incredible. A missionary has gotten home every week from the mission every week for the past 3 and there is going to be another RM this week. We are going to have lots of extra hands to help us out. I love you guys but I have to go. I hope things go well with your callings and I'll try to give dad some of the new study supplies we have been getting to help you out (the missionaries there probably already have them but who knows, maybe i can teach you something they don't know).
I love you,

Elder McNeil

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