Sunday, July 31, 2011

June 26th

So it seems like everyone in our family is having just crazy cool experiences. It was fun killing Elder Harmer but it was sad. He was a really enjoyable companion and it was really sad to say goodbye to him. Actually 3 of my last 5 companions are going home today. I feel old in the mission! Time is going by way to fast.
Unfortunately, I spent a decent amount of last week a little sick but we got everything done that we needed to and it was a lot of fun. Cristofer is doing really well and we are finding more good people as well. The ash from the volcano erupting in southern Chile has actually caused some problems in our sector. It isn't like what happened when mike was in the mission but we are getting a little bit of the ash cloud here in the bay. 
So about my new companion... well, I would tell you about him but I don't know him, because I'M TRAINING. I will meet my new companion tomorrow and I'll let you know all about him next week. I wasn't expecting this at all but its happening! I am just about to complete a year, just killed my last comp, and I'm having a son! Time moves so incredibly fast in the mission and I am just grateful that the Lord has enough confidence in me to let me do this work. Mom asked why I am enjoying the mission so much. I can't explain it. It is just good. Being a part of something so good for everyone. What could be better than sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world?
So I have to go but I love you all a ton and hope everything is going super well for you.
Love r,
Elder McNeil

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