Sunday, July 31, 2011

May 16th

So I am getting transfered. I am leaving tomorrowfor my new sector. I am going to be in a sector called Lirquen in the zone of Penco. I have heard good things about the sector. I hear the ward is good and that the sector is pretty. The only bad things I have heard are that it is going to be rainy there and also there are some pretty intense hills. i havent gained weight since I´ve been here but there is a good chance I´ll lose some in this new sector. I´ll be missing some baptisms here in Chill├ín but I will just have to be happy that they are getting in the water. It really isnt a surprise that I am leaving which is making it easier on me. To be honest, if it was my choice, i would stay here a little longer.
This week was a lot of fun. We had an activity in the stake here about family history and we were in a skit for it. It was a great activity and makes me wonder, How are y´all doing on our family history work?
So, I tried to send a gift to you but the post office wouldnt let me send it because it has a peice of wood in it. So now I have a very large and heavy chunk of wood and metal that I cant send you until I finish the mission... i wasn´t very happy to find that out today. Other than that things are going really well.
I love you guys and hope that this next week goes well as you settle into the new house.
Elder McNeil

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