Sunday, July 31, 2011

May 23rd

Okay Mom, so I got your packages today plus one from my friend Brianne plus a lot of mail. (Today has been REALLY good so far). I have been getting Kerri's letters so dont worry about that. So, I have been really enjoying my time in my new sector. MY new comp's name is Elder Harmer and my sector is called Lirquén. I am going to be killing Elder Harmer this cambio which I would have done to Elder Higham had I stayed in Chillán. So it is totally and completely different from my other two sectors. First off; It is right on the ocean. I mean there is a big port, there are a lot of fishermen, and lots of seafood. (Imagine Montrey but 50 years ago). There is actually a super nice restaurant in Lirquén which is owned by a member and it is really good, plus we eat there for free (we go every Thursday). If you end up picking me up from the mission, I'll take you there. Second; There are hills... everywhere. It is like I am constantly hiking to get from appointment to appointment (I've taken some great pictures of the bay. We have some amazing views). Third; I am only  25 minutes or so from Concepción! Actually I am here in Conce right now. It is Chile's "Second City". It is really nice. I have been in more rural places for a long time so this is a little wierd. It isnt like I am in Gringolandia but it feels much more like a big city.
We have some work to do in the sector but we have a wonderful ward. It is by far the biggest ward I've been in since I've been on the mission. We are going to do quite a bit of finding because the people they were teaching before I got here have either lost interest or we haven't been able to find them. The port in Lirquén was also on strike this last week so some of the people we wanted to teach were probably there protesting and not in thier houses. Mom don't be concerned about the changes. They are expected and every sector is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. My success depends on how well I follow the Spirit and how diligent I am. I working really hard and learn a little more everyday. The Lord blesses His missionaries. It is true. We work hard, go through trials, see blessings, all because the Lord wants to show us how much He loves the children of God. Yes, I still expect a lot of myself but because I know the Lord expect a lot from me. I am not perfect and know that I wont be anytime soon, but I can observe the changes that I need to make in my life or in the way I work to best fulfill my calling. I love you guys and want you to know how happy I am. I love the mission. It has been wonderful so far and I can only seeing it getting better.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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