Sunday, July 31, 2011

June 20th

. Killing a companion is tough because there are a lot of feelings to be hurt and a lot of people who can take what I do and say in the wrong way. It is also makes it a lot harder to not think about what I will do when I finish the mission. I just don't even let my mind wander into thoughts like that. I just am focusing on taking our one progressing investigator and helping him receive the gospel and putting my heart and soul into finding other people like him. One thing I've seen in the mission is that there are alot people who are really prepared and, as missionaries, we need to be willing to make the sacrifices required to find them. Cristofer was a teenager we found on Wednesday and I immediately knew that he was the investigator I've been looking for. It was a wonderful moment and I am so grateful for the blessings that Heavenly Father decides I deserve/need. Yeah, I am really happy about the way things are going.
So, people here think we have a really cool family because they found out that Kerri is in Jerusalem and that you were in India last week. It's nice to know that you didnt have some of the same adventures that we had last year and that you are having new adventures of your own to tell. What are y'all going to do for Kerri? She needs to have some crazy experience too (not that Jerusalem isn't adventurous enough). Here in Chile, it is rare to see air conditioning so I'm used to that already although right now it is winter which means RAIN!!!! We have also had a number of beautiful days which has been great. Hopefully you will have good weather when you go to El Nido or you will really miss out on that wonderful experience.
So Dad bought some of those carpets? And a marble Oakland temple? and a marble chess table? That doesn't sound like him. I guess he just couldn't help himself. Happy late fathers day BTW. I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting and started off talking about how awesome you are. It was a good talk.
You need to start planning what the next big family vacation will be in a few years. (My vote is for a tour of south America and I assume mike and kerri will agree).
So with my facebook, people can't add me as thier friend and I have a lot of angry chileans looking for me on facebook right now. What can I say? People want to be my friend, who would've guessed, right? ;)
I am really happy right now. I love you tons and will keep you updated on everything.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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