Sunday, July 31, 2011

June 6th

So did mom say something about you guys going to India again? Well, that's cool if you are. Also I hope things go well with the contractors. I want this project to be as problem free as possible for you. It was also great that you spent some time with Mike and Cabrina. I am sure they loved that little break from all the chaos of moving and getting settled in NC.
So this was another fun week. We worked hard and really saw some miracles with some recent converts and some less-active families who we are working with to complete their families. Unfortunately I don't have any news about our investigators but this sector is full of potential and I know that there is someone here waiting for us to knock their door. We have really been having a hard time finding people to teach which is when we need to get creative and learn to work differently. I have been learning a lot about patience and humility recently in my studies and now I am grateful for the chance to practice what I've been learning. It is a really great sector and the people are really nice but I am still working for getting a baptism before my comp finishes his mission in 3 weeks. We would have to find someone this week, have them come to church this sunday and then the next 2 after that but it is possible and what I am working for. He is a great missionary and deserves the chance to get into the water and baptize one more time.
So I really hope this house situation works out well and Mom, I know your calling in California is way different than it was in TX and MN but you are really helping these girls and the work you are doing is super important. Don't let yourself get tired and lose the desire to help those girls. Things will work out well because they always do when your are working on the Lord's side. So remember to work hard and do what you know you need to do. I love you guys a ton and hope things are going well.
Elder McNeil

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