Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 4th

Okay, so i know that you are probably completely exhausted still from your trip but it is great to know that y'all are doing well and that things should be moving forward here soon on the house. I never realized just how complicated a process it is to build a house. A lot of people here in Concepción keep making comments about the temple and how the church needs to start on it soon, but if it was this hard to build a house, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for the church to build one of its majestic temples especially when there are prejudices against them.
So you liked Transformers 3. I really was not a fan of the second but its nice to hear this one wasnt bad. mish, I'm excited to see it one day.
So you are probably anxious to learn about my trainie. Well, his name is Elder Ojeda and he is from Mexico. He is really cool. He is 25 and has already graduated from college which makes me feel a little weird being his trainer.
The jump from Junior comp to training caught me by surprise but it taught me to live by the principle "expect the unexpected". To be completely honest, at first I was kind of confused and didn't really know what to do but I am getting a hang of things and things are going well. One of my big goals is to increase my efficiency as a missionary. We really need to teach short powerful lessons that really help people because if we don't we will be helping few people and see very little progress. It was really eye-opening for me to see the difference between bad planning and good planning and now I am committed to planning as well as I can from here on out.
So, I complete a year in the mission this Thursday.... the time is going by too fast. I wish I could have come into the mission knowing the things I know now because I now only have half the time to really apply the things it has taken me a year to learn. There is no such thing as a perfect missionary let alone a perfect greenie but if I knew what I know now before, I would have done things quite differently. 
Well, we might have a baptism this week unless the investigator's grandpa changes his mind. Please pray that his heart might be soft and that he will let his grandson get baptized.
Oh random story. SO yesterday we had a stake conference with Elder Zaballos of the seventy and his wife and they wanted to take a special picture with me because Hermana Zaballos sent me a package for my birthday a few months ago.  A friend of mine met thier daughter in Utah while she (thier daughter) was doing a study abroad there. My friend Brianne asked them to bring a package to Chile for me when they came home after General Conference. When they got home they send the package from Santiago to Conce. When I saw a random package from Santiago, I obviously freaked out and then when I found out how it got to me, it was even more incredible. They thought it was a fun experience and wanted to take a picture so they could remember it. I'll try to get a copy of the picture because it really was a fun experience.
Anyway, I love you guys and hope everything goes well. Mom, get better, you can't go around getting sick on me.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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