Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 11th

So, i know you have asked for pictures a few times but I have been a hard time getting pictures upload onto these computers to send you. Don't worry there isnt anything wrong, it is just that the internet cafe I usually go to has rewritten some software and my memory card adapter doesn't work with the software. I have been taking a lot of pictures and things are going really well.
So, we are doing well. In the last week, we have been able to pretty much doble the amount of lesson we are teaching which is great because this is a tougher sector to teach in. We are seeing some progress from a number of investigators but it will be hard to have any baptisms in the next few weeks which is tough. This is the longest I've gone in the mission without "getting wet" and our investigator, who would have been baptized last week, wasn't able to get permission, but there is still hope for him and a number of others.
My kid is doing well. He is really smart and really is trying to absorb the Chilean culture which has been a lot of fun to see. We are working really hard to try to get as much out of this sector as we possibly can. I have been working a lot with faith and unleashing its power. I am learning that an attitude of faith is probably the most important tool for overcoming any situation (I would recommend reading Hebrews 11 and the talk Hope by Elder Snow from this most recent conference).
So i really don't have a lot of news for y'all. Things are going really well here and I am really excited to see this sector produce some visible fruits. We are really excited to keep working hard and having fun. So, it is good to hear that you were able to find someone better to work on the house. Maybe you can still finish the house before I get out there (if not, at least soon after).  Heck, if it comes down to it., I'm thinking of sending a package home soon and if it comes down to it, I'll just send you my memory card. (That isn't a done deal but if I do, I will). So things are doing well and I hope you have a lot of fun. I love you a ton.
Elder McNeil

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