Monday, November 1, 2010

October 10

I am avoiding dogs and if I feel a small earthquake, I always check nearby to see if there are any animals that are a little overly-excited. So I have a lot more to learn here in Chile but I have lots of help from my companions and leaders but if I need to go to the hospital again, I at least know how to get there.
So this past weekend was stake conference which was fun but two weeks in a row that we couldn't get investigators to Church because they couldn't travel the 45 minutes to Talca to get to the stake center. Also today is a holiday so there are a lot of people out of town. So to be completely honest, this past week was a little fome (a spanish word for lame) So basically all of the investigator pool we had when I arrived has been baptized. The other investigators who were progressing have all fallen through so we have been trying to find like crazy. Hopefully this Sunday, we will have some good attendance at church and finally get some of our investigators progressing. We also have a problem with our investigators leaving for months at a time to find work in Santiago or other cities around Chile. Oh, also, one of our investigators ran away from home and we now know who she is living with but cant find the house. That is a really complicated situation and we still arent entirely sure what is going on. Yeah, I heard that BYU was having an off-year and i actually kind of expected UT to be a little off too. It is great to hear that the Giants are doing pretty well.
What has been pretty exciting is the story of the miners here in CHile that should be saved in these next few days. Everyone here is really excited and they are already talking about all the money they are going to make off the movie they are going to make about the story. And i thought you would like the picture of my companion with the ax, and I think that was a one time event but we can never be sure with elder quiƱones. Anyway, that was my week.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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