Monday, October 4, 2010

Dogs and Drunks

Okay so here are the some of the pictures. I have a lot more but these are the best. The one that I really want to point out is the one of my companion with the ax. Yup, that is what I wake up to in the morning (at 7am because I`m in one of those cool missions where the rules get changed for us). Also in the picture at the baptism, I`m the white one, dressed in white (the black name tag might make it easier to spot which one is me).

First, I would like to congratulate yall on the progress on the house, that is awesome. I hope things continue to work out with it. Also, I would like to thank you for everything you have ever done ever in my life! I really loved both Elder Hollands and President Uchtdorfs talks Saturday morning because it reminded me of yall. You have been a great example of just keeping things focused on what is really important. Conference was a little strange with out yall but us gringos really know how to turn conference into a party. Basically everyone brought food and drinks and we just had a blast watching conference. Unfortunately, my companion had to watch it in spanish but in between sessions he got the chance to feel what it is like to be a norteamericano during conference.
Did i ever mention that I was the only person in my arrival group that got a native companion? It really is a blessing, even if it does make things a heck of a lot harder. Yeah, thinking of hard work, we have need to shift from teaching to finding which is hard work! We are teaching a few good people it is just hard to get them to actually make and keep commitments, but that is just a part of missionary work. Also, when you are trying to find people to teach, you get bit by dogs. Yeah, that was a less than desirable experience but considering all of my adventures overseas, a dog bite seems pretty mild, i just need to get 5 rabies shots over the next month. Really, I am just excited that I have my first "missionary story". My second missionary story happened just a few days later when a very friendly drunk grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go for half an hour. yeah that story i would just need to explain in person so you will just have to wait 21 months to hear the rest. (this week marks the one month anniversery of my arrival in chile!) Yeah, things are going well. the language isnt too bad anymore (people cant tell that i have only a month here in chile which makes me happy) Working with my companion is good but always a little difficult just because it requires a little bit of change and willingness to give by both parties but we are reaching equilibrium. Plus in my interview with the president, he implied we would be together for another transfer which gives us time to become even more awesomer :). Oh also as a zone activity this morning, we played paintball. I love the mission :)

Elder McNeil

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  1. Thanks for updating his letters. It would be awesome if you posted some of the pictures he sent you. :) Gracias