Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 8th

THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!! Wow, that just made my week!! Well, that isn´t entirely true. What made my week is we now have progressing investigators for the first time in almost a month. That is what really made my week rock but really things were just great this week. We are still focusing in finding but we are actually finding some really great people (not that the people we were finding before weren´t great, they just dont want to actually do anything). We now have a pool of people that actually want to progress which is great, but because it rained on sunday we still need to wait like a month before we can get any baptisms out of our efforts (Chileans don´t go to church if its raining). And Mom to answer your concern, yes things are hard, but I am a missionary, that really isn´t surprising that things are hard.
Also thank you for letting me know how Grandma and Grandpa are doing. I pray for them a lot and it is nice knowing that they are being taken care of.  
Finally, I would like dad to change a few things about my facebook because there are members and investigators who want to add me as a friend but cant becasue of the rules i set.
So things are going well. I am happy and healthy and people like me. We actually did a minicambio this week and I was put in a sector with a true greeny (he only has 3ish weeks and very little spanish). That is a testament to how well i´m speaking spanish now. Well, I still have a lot to learn but I am doing very well for myself here in Chile. 
Oh also, fasting during the summer in Chile is hard and very humbling. It made me think about what it means to really sacrifice something. I read a quote I loved once that said "The law of sacrifice was never about taking an animal and sacrificing it on the alter to be burned, but to take the animal in ourself, putting it on the alter, and letting the flames consume it." That is one thing i am still working on but I can feel the changes in me every day. It is a beautifly difficult thing to do, but its a part of being a servant of Christ.

Your littlest Elder,
Elder McNeil

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