Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 15th

To answer your question, fasting in 95 degree weather and not drinking water and walking around outside in a place where air conditioning doesn't exsist makes fasting hard during the summer here.
This week was interesting. Two of our best investigators surprised us by moving, one to Talca where the Stake center is, and the other to Santiago. Basically, we are still stuck in what I am going to call the PFV (Purpetual Finding Vortex) because that is still the only thing we can do. Well we do have one progressing investigator who should be getting baptized in a week or two but we need to find a lot more people to teach which is hard in San Clemente because everyone leaves for the summer to work so about 1 in every 8 houses still has people living in them during this time of year. Yeah, but things are going well, My companion and I are getting along (we probably don't have much more time together so we are trying to make this time count) and I have a special "new missionary training" in Concepcion Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which I find interesting. I can actually get to know a little bit of Conce for the first time since I`ve gotten here. Oh I also got my visa so I am legal here in Chile (not that I wasn't before, but I now have the piece of paper that says I can be here)
So I started teaching English which is a lot of fun and we already have about 16 students. We were also invited to a meeting of the Jehovah`s Witnesses and Elder QuiƱones sat in on a meeting for about 30 minutes which was definitely interesting. They are easily some of the most avid bible scholars out there and it was actually a cool experience. Also this week, we witnessed an ice cream fight in the home of a member. This woman was letting her 6 year old daughter eat from the ice cream tub and out of nowhere, she just shoved her daughter`s face into the ice cream and it continued from that until the entire family had chocolate ice cream covering their faces. So that was my week. I hope y`all enjoy the new Harry Potter movie and enjoy everything.

Elder McNeil

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