Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st --> Freinds and Letters

I got letters from Brianne, Sarah, and a few others and I will be writing y´all soon, it just takes a long time for me to get mail and I haven´t forgot about y´all.

Well, I hope the Pasta dinner was fun for y´all and it is awesome that Josh is going to Mozambique and Evan to Colombia. And I have to point out THE GIANTS ARE ONE GAME AWAY FROM WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!! Keep me updated on that please. That would be so awesome if they won. Also let Ken and Laura know that I absolutely approve of the name and am really excited to have a nephew soon. I hope things go well with the land but it looks like things are promising for the site and I am excited to see what you will do with the land. Feel free to send some pictures of the land so I can see what it is like. Also Josh and Brian are getting home from their missions? By the time I get home they are going to be married with three kids each! Let everyone out there know that I love them and that I hope things are going really well for them.
So I got your package this week. It took a really long time because I am 4 hours away from the mission office so we really only get mail when they bring it to us for conferences or big events. This week we had a special mission conference with Elder Zaballos who is in the area presidency of Chile and was the first Chilean General Authority. That was a lot of fun. So if you send me a package for Christmas, there are a few things I would like to ask for. First, I have been teaching myself piano but a basic piano book or two would be awesome. Second, a simplified hymns hymnbook which you can get at the distribution center would be great. Also chocolate would make me happy because the chocolate here is a little depressing. Also thanks a ton for the cd player and speakers. It is awesome listening to some new music. With you next package feel free to put together cds of anything uplifting, inspirational, or that you feel is missionary appropriate (A little bit of instrumental music would be nice).
So Today is the day of the dead here in Chile but it is nothing like the day of the dead of Mexico. It is very quite and reverent. It is actually quite nice and I like it. This past week we have had few investigators, and even few who want to progress, but lots of good experiences with recent converts so it was still an improvement. I still really want progressing investigators though. We had a lot of rain this week which made the days a lot colder and the work harder but our broken water-heater (Califont) magically started to work so we can now take hot showers. I will admit, I thought I loved the people, my companion, and the work before things got hard but now that things are harder, I have learned that I really need to do a lot more to develop more love to carry me through. Well, things will improve eventually, I just have to keep working at it.
I´m glad things are going well for yall and I hope things are always as great.
Elder McNeil

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