Monday, November 1, 2010

October 25th

So, primero, we found a lot of people to teaching this week. Sadly, none of them went to church so we still don´t having anyone really "progressing". Hopefully that will change with time and I will absolutely keep you updated when that changes. As far as the cambio we had last week, basically half of our zone is training/ a greeny. We got 4 new missionaries and Elder Quiñones is still the only latino. I thought that was funny. I think this is his last cambio here in San Clemente and if he leaves, we might not have any latinos in the zone of Talca which would be sad. San Clemente (my sector) always has a latino so if he leaves and I get a gringo companion, it will be the first time in like 4 years that there will be two gringos together. Also, I have really seen a lot of people eager for me to teach english and I think I will start in a few weeks but Elder Quiñones will feel a left out a bit but it would be a great way to help us find... meh, we will see.
I am really, really excited for Ken and Laura. The members always ask us how our families are and I always tell them that I am going to be an uncle soon and they get really excited. I am hoping for a boy too but I´ll be super happy either way. I love how Mom is always doing something for the ward. Mom you have got some arts and craft skills out the whazoo. I think you should meet some of the Soc-Soc (this is the abreviation for Sociedad de Socorro, which is the relief society) sisters from San Clemente. Also, THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! GO GIANTS!!!!
Oh I also heard a rumor that there is an apostle here in South America which hopefully means the groundbreaking for the Concepcion temple, and we have a mission conference this week so... I´ll keep y´all updated.
Elder McNeil

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