Monday, November 1, 2010

October 17th

Have fun at the pasta dinner in a few weeks. I got an email from Kathy and she and Jack are getting ready for the big night. That made me happy to hear from them. Also I got an email from Ken and Laura and saw the pictures of the house which is (to take a word from Mom´s vocabulary) adorable, and the other big news they had was really exciting too!!!! So you are going to be in a little branch in this new house? Thats actually really cool. It will be nice to get to know everyone really well.
I just completed my first cambio (transfer) and Elder QuiƱones and I are still here in San Clemente. Because you asked, the language is coming along really well. Now when I get frustrated when I speak with people, it is because I understand what they are saying. Actaully, that probably sounded dramatic, I really haven´t been frustrated too badly since I´ve been here and when I do, it is usually because I feel like my companion is trying to help too much. He is a great Elder and has really taught me a lot. Actually I lot of our members and investigators want me to start teaching english classes, and I really want to, but I´m a little hesitant because Elder Q doesn´t speak english and I don´t want him to feel left out.
So we where able to get some investigators to Church but only a few. We went from having a really strong teaching pool to an almost non-existant overnight and we have a lot of work to do here in San Clemente. Hopefully we can baptize the daughter of a recent convert this next week or two but everyone else who we had had progressing stopped so we have to get the ball rolling again. We did have an interesting moment when we found out that one of our investigators who actually was progressing really well, was actually an inactive member than lost the memory of her baptism when she got really sick as a teenager. Yeah, we have a lot of work to do but things are going well and I am going to have another 6 weeks with a native spanish speaker which means I am going to have even better spanish before the next transfer ends. Well that is basically my week.
Con Amor,
Elder McNeil

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