Sunday, July 1, 2012

May 28th

So, I am really excited to go to MN. I think that would be a great time to go out and visit our friends out there in MN and check up on them. I would also love to see the Akenson's. I guarantee that that family will be one of the first invited to the new house (or atleast they better be).
So I'm trying to do the band form but it looks like the BYU website is down so I'll try again. I don't know when they want to form by but if it is soon, you can just fill it in and if not I can take care of it next week.
So this week was a little crazy. I will try to explain what happened as simply as possible. So, we found out that there was a scabies outbreak in our zone so we took the entire zone to the doctors on thursday. Half the zone was diagnosed (it isnt deadly or anything like that just annoying) and my comp and I were put incharge of a large scale disinfecting of all the houses in our zone. We had to order 6 bottles of a 22 dollar medicine (sorry, i had to use my check card for that, I got paid back). On saturday we went in to pick up the medicine and the pharmacy had only recieved one bottle. The mission was already in the process of cleaning the houses (a process that cost the mission about 1000 dollars) but we didn't get the medicine we needed so that really complicated things. Then later that afternoon there was a gigantic storm front that came in from the pacific which brought the strongest wind storm in about 20 years which led to lots of service projects and running from house to house trying to help our investigators nail thier roofs down and repair broken fences and cut down trees that could potentially cause more damage. It was a really fun week. It was actually really funny. My comp and I loved it just because it was nearly epic.
This week we are expecting to have a baptism. We are really excited for it. Mom, i dont really keep track of my baptisms but if you were wondering, this is going to be my 26th. The thing is, the amount of baptisms doesn't really mean anything. Like you said, it is about the lives we touch. I am really excited for these next few weeks. Today I start my last transfer as a missionary so I am really working hard to finish strong.
So I am really excited for the house and I hope everything goes well and I am confident that things will go fine there in CO.
I love you all a ton,

Elder McNeil

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