Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 11th

So it is great to know that I was accepted to band again. I know I'm gonna have to practice but that should be really fun. I am really excited for all of the fun stuff I'll do in band again. So did they say anything about a scholarship or am I gonna have to find a job too? Well, I guess I wont worry about that quite yet.
So I saw my travel info today. That is pretty exciting. I am really not trunky at all because we have so many people that we are still working with. We are going to have a baptism on saturday which is going to be awesome. It is Maria, the almost 70 year old lady I was teaching. She is doing great and things couldn't be better. 
We had a really fun activity the other day. We had a pizza competition and we had a blast. We made a mixiacn style spicy chicken pizza and it was really great. My comp liked it enough that he said that he would be willing to invest in a restaurant with me. It was really, really tasty stuff. We thought we were going to win when out of nowhere a member brought a 5 ftx5ft monster pizza. It was a ton of fun. 
I don't know if I explained this but we live in a house owned by a member of our ward. It was getting a little cold in there so my comp mentioned it to house owner (who absolutely loves us). The next day we came home from work and they had surprised us with a brand new wood stove. That might not sound exciting to y'all but it made us cry. It was so awesome. The members here love us so much. I have to admit, this is my favorite ward. The sector is unique and I love it so much. 
So that was our week. I hope everything goes well with the hous.
Life is good. I am happy and I really can't complain. The Lord has been blessing us a lot so I guess I wont be calling costumer service any time soon. Love you a ton.
Elder McNeil

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