Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 4th

This week was significantly better than the last but today I am fighting against the clock so I can't really write much but I would like to let you know that Lissie got baptized which was a great experience. She got baptized on friday and right after there was a ward party which was really great too. We had two really great investigators (my first complete family in my entire mission) come to the baptism and they loved it. It is a wealthier family so I was surprised but just how well they are progressing. They had a little bit of a trial this week when during the ward activity some kids (not members) tried to steal their very nice car from the church parking lot but they actually thought it was really kind of funny and saw it as proof that this is something they need to follow. The only problem is that we have to get them married but there arent anything holding them back plus they already said that they would love to be sealed one day. 
We also have an amazing investigator named maria who I talked about on mothers day. She is the grandma who I promised would get baptized. She is going to be baptized on the 16th and is super happy about it. Things are going well and I'm happy. So I am sending in the band application right now. I couldn't fill it out very well but they atleast have the general idea, plus I think they will let me back on with out a problem. 
Sorry I'm outta time but I love you tons and hope everyhting goes well this week.
Elder McNeil

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