Sunday, April 22, 2012

March 19th

Well, I know that you wanted photos. Well, I have been really bad about taking pictures recently so I tried to take some good ones this week. The dinosaurs are something that I love right in the middle of Concepcion and the other pictures are from the baptism we had this week.
Well, it sounds like everything was decently exciting in y'alls lives right now. I assume that Dad is only feeling a little bit stressed out right now. I mean, that was a big change but don't worry about it. We know that your carrer is NOT more important than we are. We understand clearly that you work hard FOR us. If you ever feel like you need to appologize for hard work remember that if it is for us that you're working for. I know that you will have to start travelling again soon. What you need to do is save up some airline miles. I would love to show you and mom around Chile with Kerri. (In about 2-2.5 years we can try to come for the Concepcion temple dedication). I know that you don't like to travel but it would be cool to come to Chile one day with you two.
So we had 2 baptisms this last week. They are Rodrigo and Maria José. Their mom is a member who got in contact with us saying that she wanted to come back to church after being inactive since the pregnancy of her two year old son. They baptism was a little unconventional because Rodrigo is horrified of water. I would love to tell you the story but I dont think I could really do it justice in an email. Lets just say, we had to get creative and use some good team work but in the end we got it all to work out well... it just took 1.5 hours to get it to work. Maria José was baptised without a single problem but I am always going to remember this weekend for the rest of my life.
Things went really well but now we are starting back from square one. There are a lot of people we are sharing with but we need to find out who really has desires. I am really excited to see what happens this week. The zone is improving and we are really excited for the next few weeks.
Mom, I hope you know that I totally spent all of St. Patricks day explain why I was wearing a green tie and how much I was trying to talk up the holiday. In the end, I was thinking about how awesome a mint shamrock shake would be or a big bowl of cottle. For the most part we forget about those small random traditions but a lot of people started asking questions about it so that got me thinking about it. It was fun. We had a great time.
I love you all a ton and tell Cheryl congrats for being a grandma.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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