Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 9th

Well, I am actually already short on time. I'm sorry, I sometimes get distracting reading up on church news on the church website. Anyway, I got the package today. Thank you so much for everything you sent. I am really excited about the nerds and the beef jerky. I am ready to chow down when we get to our house.
So, yes things are going much better in the sector. We are working hard and the zone is doing things that it hasn't in over a year (assuming we stay on track for this month). We are doing our part but often as zone leaders, we bite the bullet for the zone. We are seeing amazing changes not only in the investigators but in the missionaries as well. We actually did three back-to-back exchanges. It was really tough because you always want to be in your sector but we really see the blessings from doing it. Everyone is progressing and become what the Lord wants us to be. It is great seeing that. 
So this week was full of those little miracles that make life the great blessing that it is. So we are finding a lot of new people to teach and we were able to get a lot of them to church. On Sunday I was asked to talk. I wanted to talk about the atonement and relation it has with repentance. I tried to share Uncle Ken's story and (for the first time in my mission) I cried during a talk (I cried the entire time). The most spiritual moment was when I tried to read DyC 18:11-12. Read them and you'll see why it was so intense (add verse 13 too). The ward was shocked. They always thought I was a great, fun, outgoing guy, but they had never seen me emotional. I think the talk really helped some of our investigators we had there in church. Let's just say that the spirit was definetly there. 
We also organized a stake fireside with the stake presidency. They invited an area seventy to talk about missionary work. We got President Humphrey to come. The fireside was KILLER!!!! Oh my goodness. They basically told everyone to senior couple missionaries, or if they still can, get thier papers in immediately. We also gave everyone who came a Book of Mormon to hand out this week. They told incredible stories and I left just wanting to send a Book of Mormon to everyone I know. One of the best stories was about a family friend on Pres. Humphrey. He was serving a mission in Nigeria when a man stopped him and his wife (senior couple) and asked them to pass by thier house one day. In that time the first presidency asked members to write their testimonies in Books of Mormon. The missionary went to the house the next day and the man explained his story. He was a mechanic who was a specialist in Mercedes Benz. He went to Germany for a training meeting. There he was given a BoM. The missionary asked to see the book and opened it. One the inside was the picture of his sister-in-law. They were shocked how this book had made the circle around the world to get into this missionary's hands. The man and his family were baptized. There was much more but that was the most of it. 
We also heard a few special news bits from the Seventy who went to Utah for conference. Apparently we are on the verge of big news on the temple here in ConcepciĆ³n. Like they should announce the groundbreaking in the next few weeks type news. I'll keep you posted on that. Also apparently the church is making huge strides in some places that were never thought of before. Cool stuff is happening in the world. The  Church is true and the truth will always move foward. 
Today we had a zone activity and we made omlettes that turned out really great. It was great.
Well, I love you tons. I'll make sure that I enjoy my B-day tomorrow. Please just keep up the excitement at home. Although there is a lot that needs to get done, everything will be fine. 
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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