Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 12th

So its a bummer that Mom couldn't write me but I know that she has a ton that needs to get done with the house there in Colorado so is fine. I know how important it is to Mom to be able to sell that house. That will be good for them to finally stop worrying about that house. I know that things will go great out there.
So don't worry about the fact that I left from one stake that I didn't know and that I'll get home to another. I knew it was probably going to happen so it really isn't a big deal at all. I am excited to meet the branch and see what it is like. Everything you have said has sounded great. I hope that everything will be ready so y'all will actually be there in the new house there by the time I get there. 
Cheryl told me about how she is going to be a grandma. I thought that was great. I hope she has as much time as possible to be there and enjoy her first grandkid. It is also great to know that grandpa is doing okay. I hope that he doesn't feel too lonely but with Bettyann there I think he should be doing okay. 
So things are going okay here in Conce. It is different than all of my other areas but that just means that I need to keep learning and growing to be able to work better here. We are going to have two baptisms this saturday that we are really excited about. They are the 9 and 8 year old kids of a woman who was inactive but asked us to work with them to get them active in the church again. We are really excited and the ward couldn't be happier. I will make sure to send you pictures of the baptism. 
So you asked for pictures. Well, I've been really bad about taking pictures recently (and writing in my journal...oops) but I promise that I will improve that and I will make sure that these last few months are well documented. 
So you mentioned a possible job change. What are they asking you to do? I was thinking about that and everytime we are offered opprotunities to learn, grow, and develop here in the mission, we are estatic. Who doesn't want to learn more or progress in new ways? I know that you are kind of sick and tired of traveling and that it might be easier to just stay where you are at but it might be good to change things up. I mean, obviosly keep praying and thinking about it but if you are willing to take advice from your snot-nosed missionary son, I say "why not?" 
Well I am a little short on time but just want to let you all know that I love you a ton and hope everything goes great for y'all this week.
Elder McNeil

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