Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 16th

So things went really well this week. This week there are transfers and I will be getting a new comp. His name is Elder Bracken. He is a really great guy. He is about 6,4 and a football player. He is from Utah and I am really excited to work with him. He is also one of the most energetic people I've ever met which is great because I am pretty much always dying because how tired I am. I think that I am officially going to finish my mission in this ward which would be incredibly great. Also I am a grandpa now. My Comp, Elder Carvajal is going to be training. That is crazy! 
This week was a little crazy for us. We ended up having to bite the bullet a few times this week to help out the zone. There were a lot of interviews that needed to be done, health problems, and, well, just a lot that needed to be done. We also were a major part of a stake service project so we were only a little bit busy these past few days. We basically spent more time out of our sector than in it this week. It was hard but really rewarding. We are seeing a lot of miracles happening in the zone but now we really want to get things turned around in our ward. We are seeing a lot of sucess reactivating families but we are working really hard to find some new people to share the gospel with. Things are actually going really well and we are hoping to see two girls that will be baptized these next two weeks from families that we reactivated and some investigators in the beggining of May. 
So I have to say how much I loved that bag of chex mix you sent me. I dont think I have ever eaten anything you have sent me as fast as I inhaled that bag. It was SOOOO good. I know that I wont be here for too much longer (I mean july is gonna be here faster than we know it) but if you find an excuse to send me anything, that is what I want. 
I am also buying some good souvenir stuff but if you want anything special let me know. (I am not going to be another copper art thing but there is a lot more I can get for y'all). 
Hey I love you all a ton and I am always prayin for you.
Elder McNeil

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