Sunday, April 22, 2012

March 26th

So, this week I have to register for classes... I also got an email about my flight info... I thought that it was going to be exciting for me to get to this point in my mission to get "back to real life" but now I just feel a little sick to my stomach. Life as a missionary just seems so much more rewarding. I DONT WANT TO GROW UP!!! I mean getting married, having a family, and all that stuff is fun and all but school? work? Well, on the bright side of things I still have a little more than three months left to keep helping people and enjoy the mission but I wish I could have more. 
I just sent an email to Kerri with all of the imformation about all the classes I need to take and I also emailed the dean of the major I want to change to. I hope she can do it because my hour to do it is at midnight thurs going into friday I think (that would be like 4 in the morning here or something like that) Please remind her about that. I would greatly appreciate it. If she cant do it she can pass the info onto you but she knows how to do it so, it would just be easier I think. 
Anyway, my birthday is coming up soon. If you are wondering what I want, i would like a laptop for when I get back. I dont want to be picky but if we could talk with Ken and get another MacBook I would be really, really grateful. I'm willing to find a way to work for it if you want. UGH, lets change topics...
Anyway, I am really excited for conference. For missionaries, conference is like the Superbowl. We buy food, set up tables and a TV to watch it in English and have a Gringo party. It is actually really fun and it is good having the spiritual boost that comes from conference and I feel like this one is going to have a lot of things specifically for me in this sort of akward stage I'm at right now.
Things are going well in our sector. We spent a lot of this week working on a service project for a member in the ward. We are building a bathroom for a widow in our ward. The neighbors cut her access to the sewage pipes (its a long story) but we are building her a new one with the high priests and elders of our ward. It also doesn't hurt that our bishop is a contractor. 
Enjoy the weekend with Kerri in Utah. I know that it is going to be great. I just hope that Taylor and her are as good of a couple as Kerri makes them sound. If he is a weirdo, let Kerri know. Like you taught us, DONT MARRY CRAZY PEOPLE is a creed in our family. 
How's the house going? Does it have a roof and are they working on the interior yet? They have three months to finish, so you might need to get the pressure on them. But if you ordered cabinets, you are atleast moving forward.
Anyway, I love you all a ton and hope things are going well.
Let me know if you want anything specific from Chile. I am going to be close to some good markets soon so I can get you stuff.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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