Friday, April 29, 2011

April 25th

So i am sorry if this email ends up being short. I actaully sent an email my friend Brigham who is on his mission in Boston and he ended up being his email at the same time and I may have wasted most of my time talking with him instead of writing yall. oops.
Well Mike is graduated and will soon be cutting people up (in a good way, not like a slasher/horror movie way), Kerri is running off to the middle east. I am here in Chile and Ken is probably making some super iPhone which will take over the world. We have a really cool family.
Things have been going great. I love the ward and I am learning a lot from my new companion. I will admit that my experiences with my companions here in the mission have been nothing like I have imagined but I have learned a ton! Most importantly, i´ve learned how to be wrong. I still don´t like it but I can now actaully say "you`re right, I`m wrong"! I assume that will help me out down the road one day.
This week was really fun. We worked our tails off. I have really taken charge and we are getting stuff done. This week we found 8 new investigators, recieved 8 references (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!), did a rediculous amount of contacts, and we are making some important changes here in the sector. We are making a lot of sacrifices here but we have a purpose to fulfill and I want to get ´er done!
Enjoy the hectic world over there in Gringolandia and I am going to take care of some bussiness around here. Mom, take care of Grandpa, Dad, bring home the bacon. I love you all a ton and know that you are going to do everything that you need to do.
Elder McNeil

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