Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March 28th

Okay so I actually don´t have a ton to say this week excpet that I AM AN UNCLE!!! I guess that really wont sink in until I see him but that is a long time away (I´m actually not counting because I would rather not know). AJ looks great! I am so excited to meet him one day! 
So things have been pretty uneventful here in Chile this past week. My comp had his birthday and the member that made us lunch made us more food than I have seen since I started the mission. I literally ate so much that I puked (I think that was the first and last time I will ever do that). Unfortunely I have been fighting off a cold all week but the work is going well. We are actually moving to a new house in my sector. It is by far the nicest house (for missionaries) I have seen in the mission. We are really excited but it means that we not only have to use all of today but a lot of wednesday to move all of our stuff.
 It seems like Ana Maria and her son will be getting baptized here soon (hopefully on my birthday) and we have a lot of investigators who we just have to drag to church (by far the hardest task as a missionary is getting people to church). We are really excited for General Conference because it is a break from the rountine it is just weird thinking that the last conference was so long ago and that I was here in Chile (this means that I will be completing 9 months as a missionay here in april...) Where is the time going?
Our stake here in Chile had a temple trip last week and three of the nine converts in this ward from last year went to do baptisms. They even brought thier own family names and they had incredible experiences. The church is amazing in the way it touches our lives and their trip to the temple is a big sacrifice considering how far we are away from santiago. I hope to hear some great stories from my converts one day about thier missions and thier sealings in the temple. The hardest thing for me being here in this mission is that we have no access to the temple. We go there once as we are leaving the country but for a whole 22 months I can only go to LDS.org and look at the temple pictures. There hasn´t been any news about the concepción temple except that about a month ago, the head architect or planner or something, came with the newest set of missionaries so we will see what that means. I will keep my eyes open for my birthday stuff. 

I love you all and I know that no matter what, you will always be praying for me, which I need sometimes. Thanks for being awesome!
Elder McNeil 

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