Friday, April 29, 2011

April 18th

THANKS FOR THE RAIN BOOTS!!!! This week he had a few days of really bad rain and the boots only worked out perfectly. So I hope that this week will be a little more relaxing for Mom. I feel like she never gets a break. Dad, I would say the same things... but you need to put bread on the table and I think if you skip out on these meetings, you lose your job SO hopefully Mike´s graduation is enough of a break for now. I am glad you like reading my letters. I basically write just everything that comes to my mind so if it sounds a lot like the way I speak, it is because it basically is. Also, thanks for doing those small little things for me on facebook. I hope things go well with the house (I am really excited to finish my mission and come home to the new house! I assume that you will finish it in the next 15 months). Also enjoy your time with Uncle Ken and let him know that I´m thinking about him. 
So my week was pretty uneventful. I dont have any crazy stories but we did have a really uplifting mini-zone conference which was really great. As a mission we are going to be reading the 4 Gospels and Acts which is going to be really great. I love the NT and it will be a good opportunity to read more of the Bible in Spanish. It is going to be great for Kerri to see all of the history over in the middle-east. I would love to have that experience. One day I will, but right now I have work to do. My comp, Elder Higham is a district leader over the hermanas in our zone so we went and worked with them a few times this past week which was really great but ate up a lot of time so we had a few "dang, we need to do two days of work in one day" moments. I have actually been sick for the last week but I can´t really tell what I have. I assume it is just an annoying cold but I am getting better so I hope that by next week I will have all of this behind me. Things are going super well and I am having a great time. Sorry I am running out of time right now but I love y´all and hope everything goes well for you this week.
Elder McNeil

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