Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2nd

So, I am glad you like my letters. I would really like if you printed off all of my letters, made a little booklet and gave it to be after the mission. I know that that would be something I would love to have years down the road. So last time you asked about which boots fit best (the larger ones fit perfectly) and you asked about the weather (it has been colder but we have actually avoided rain which is really good for us missionaries). If you are sending another package soon, send me face stuff!!! All i want is just some sort of soap, not anything complex but face wash is very expensive here in Chile. I bottle of a normal size bottle is like $24. So it is great to hear that things are moving forward on the house. I really hope that it will be finished by the time I finish the mission (mainly i don´t want to get home, help you move, and then move all of my stuff out to BYU). 
So I am glad you had the chance to go to San Antonio and enjoy the Riverwalk and the temple. I would love to see that temple. It is one of the slightly larger minitemples and I hear it is awesome. Its sad to hear about your parents but, they are old and stuff like this happens after a certain age. It is sad but one day you will see them how you remember them in thier youth. You have to admit, any sort of problem we have in our lives can seem smaller when we remember that one day, we wont have to worry about it. 
So we had another great week here in this ward. We just keep finding people left and right and we also had a baptism yesterday. Actually we had a record breaking week in our zone, which will lead to a record breaking month. Yesterday in our zone, there was 13 baptisms. All of last month there was only 11. There is another 8 or so who should get baptized this week as well which means that our zone will have had more baptisms in the first two weeks of May than they have had in any other month in the past 5 or so years. We have found some really golden families, I´m just not sure if I am going to be here in 2 weeks or not (the probability of me getting transferred is very high). So i have no idea if i could take part in the baptisms of these people we are finding, but just in case I am, I want to keep finding these great people. 
So we played some basketball this week and I like playing against Chileans. I have the advantage of being tall and being a gringo. I´m actually not bad when you compare me against those around me.
It is really strange thinking that Kerri is in Israel right now... weird. Anyway, I am going to be on skype at 4pm (Chile time on Sunday) and I hope things work out that we can enjoy talking for the first time in a while.
I love yall a ton,
Elder McNeil

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