Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 11th

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! So if one of you could do me a favor and log into my facebook and write on my wall "thanks for the birthday wishes" and "read my blog" I would be grateful (also if there are a lot of friend requests, you can accept them as well). I am assuming that my friends from MN are confused for why I haven´t texted them or talked with them on FB, so that may help clarify whats up. 
To be completely honest, my birthday was really annoying just because people kept trying to stop us from working so they could hang out for a little bit. So I did get the packages on wed and thanks a ton! I love the game with the cup and the ping pong balls. We have had a lot of fun with that. Also thanks a ton for the boots. I know they will come in handy this winter. Actually, if you could send me more Mr. Potatohead attachments, I would be super happy. So, I´m sorry about what happened with the house but you will have it sold here soon. All you need is be patient and that house will be off your hands after no time at all.
So I have a new comp named Elder Higham. He is from Logan and he is really cool. He will be finishing the mission here in June and this is going to be his last sector. I am curious to see if I will end up "killing him" because if I do, I will be in Chillán for atleast 7 months (if not only 4.5 unless they whitewash the sector). He is also a district leader which means this is when I need to take notes on what I should start trying to improve in the way I work. We confirmed Ana Maria who was baptized last week which made me super happy and hopefully her son Nicolas will be baptized this week or next.
Thanks Mom for your words. I know that there are a lot of changes happening there at home right now and it is a little sad that I can´t take part in any of it but it is obvious that what I am doing is better anyway. Trust me, I am only changing a lot. I am the most humble person ever now! Sorry for the lame joke but really, things are going really well and I know that you will be surprised by what you will see when I finish the mission. I have 15 months to become the best possible person. That is more than enough to change many more lives, but most importantly my own. You know what? I feel like you have changed a lot since I have started the mission as well. I mean, this mission doesn't only change the person serving the mission but the rest of the family as well. You are incredible, even if you don't believe it some times. 
Anyway, I love you guys and hope for the best. Remember that i keep praying for you and everything you are trying to do.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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