Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 1st

So it is good to hear that at least the house should be wrapping up as I get home. I dont mind sleeping on mattresses that still have the plastic wrap still on them. I am also glad to hear that AJ is doing well and it doesn't surprise me one bit that Mike wants to name his kid Duke. I  was thinking about David as a name for one of my kids but seeing as I am the youngest and will surely be the last to get married I will just have to come up with even cooler names. How do you like the names Blaze, Latisha, Knife and Apple Blossom? I'll keep working on them. 
So this week was really good. Probably the highlight was they conference we had with the Seventy yesterday. So Elder Duncan is a part of the mission department of the Church so he essencially lives and breathes missionary work. He sat us down, started asking us questions and we learned a ton! One of the big focuses was on teaching families. That is probably one of the hardest things for us. We often teach teenagers or single mothers but families are really hard to find. Up to this point in my mission I have'nt taught a true complete family but just single monthers and thier children. I really want to be able to baptize a complete family before I finish. I am working really hard with my comp to do everything in our power to be ready for that family. He also said a lot of incredibly great things about, well, how awesome it is to be a part of the prophicies of the prophets. For example Elder Bruce R McConkie promised that there would be 7x70 stakes in Chile. Right now there are about 75 stakes and a number of districts. Our work is the way the Lord will achieve and fulfill his promises. Also, it was just good to have a good discussion about the work but I would have killed to learn what I learned yesterday about 18 months ago. It would have change my perspective about a lot of things about missionary work. 
So everything is going well. We have some good investigators who are progressing well. We are seeing a lot of wonderful fruits from our efforts, although I would really appreciate some more baptisms in these next few months, 
So... I was looking on BYU's website and saw that with the new major I want to study (Food Science- Food Industry managment track)  I only need to take one more class to minor in business managment. That would be pretty great for me because I really like the idea of going to business school after. I dont think about stuff like that alot but I thought it was interesting. 
I hope you got the email about the townhouse too. That is something I would like a lot. 
So everything is going well. I am loving the mission still and I am working harder than I ever have to try to find the people the Lord has prepared. It is a wonderful experience and I am really excited to see the fruits of the work,
Elder McNeil

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