Friday, February 24, 2012

January 30th

So, thanks for telling me about the change in ward. I actually was
going to ask that question and I was actually asked about that by
mission secretary. So, that actually was perfect timing. Actually, it
is getting to the point where they are asking me some pretty trunky
info. I would like to remind the World that I will still be a
missionary for 5 more months and there is a lot I still have left to
do. I love the mission and I am so grateful for all of the work that I
still have the chance to do.
Talking about work that I still have left to do, I love my new sector.
I am in one of the strongest wards in all of concepcion. The sector is
named Andalien. It is on the north side of concepcion. It is
surrounded by beautiful hills and there are some really wonderful
views. It is actually a little strange because a part of the sector
looks like it is straight out of nicer parts of the bay area and then
there are some parts that are really humble. It is actually a really
cool sector. I love it.
 We actually had a baptism this weekend which was an incredible
miracle because he has been going to church with his aunt in a
different ward since he was three. His name is Lucas and he is 10
years old. The missionaries from that ward told us about him and we
talked to him and got everything prepared in one week (he came to our
ward the Sunday before I got here) and he was baptized on Saturday.
We also have other great people prepared for this month. We just need
to keep praying with faith, working hard and doing our best, and
things will keep falling into place for us.
I actually talked to the missionary who replaced me in Curico and he
was so grateful for all the seeds that I planted that they will he
reaping this month. I was a little sad to not have the chance to be
there for their baptisms but I will always be grateful for the
opportunity I had to help them receive the gospel.

I am so grateful for all
of the chances that I have been given to learn and grow. I hope you
are all doing well and I am always keeping you in my prayers.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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