Friday, February 24, 2012

February 6th

Well yes mom I am still a zone leader if you are still wondering. Things are going great and I am really happy. I've settled into my new sector well and I really like the zone. Concepcion is really beautiful. Actually, today we got to go to Subway for the first time. They just built one close to the mission office and I got to go the for the first time with a part of my zone. Dang it was good. In  Conce, there are 3 "Lider" stores which are owned by Walmart but things are really starting to get gringo-ized with subway, pizza hut, and dominos. Those new additions have all come in the last 5 months so things are changing pretty fast. Also, there is a little bit of chatter about the temple in Conce but no official news yet, but the rumor one the street is that the groundbreaking needs to happen before I pack my bags. I'm not sure but it would be cool.
Things are going well in my sector. We are happy, healthy, and finding a lot of good people. The ward is really good here. We are doing great and the zone is improving.
So, it is good to hear that grandpa is doing well and coming to the realization that he cant do everything. I know that it must be frustrating to realize that you are old but... well... it happens.
Sorry I am a little short on time but I love y'all a ton and hope everything is treating y'all well. Mom I know you have a lot to do but take things one at a time and don't feel overwhelmed. The houses will be fine, mike and Cabrina are doing well, Kerri is happy, and I am in no rush to go home yet. The Lord will keep blessing yall, just be patient.

Elder McNeil

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