Friday, February 24, 2012

January 23rd

So, after having one of the toughest weeks of my mission, I just finished one of my best. Things are going really well here in Curicó now. We are still going to finish this month with only 2 baptisms as a zone, but the month of feb is going to be great. Unfortunately, there are transfers this week and I am getting sent back south to be in Concepcion. I have to admit, my time here in Curicó has been amazing. I am excited to see how Curicó continues to grow without me here. I am leaving about 5 baptisms for the missionary who is coming here to replace me so I have to admit that, even though I wont get to be the one baptizing them, I at least got the chance to help them take those steps.  The new ward is called Andalien, in the stake Andalien. It is one of the largest wards in Concepción and I am really excited to get to work there.
So I am already out of time but I need to write my mission president still. I haven´t gotten the face wash but I got all the Christmas packages. Did you get my Christmas package that I sent? 
I am so sorry that I'm out of time but I love you a ton and hope everything goes well this week. 
Love , 
Elder McNeil

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