Friday, February 24, 2012

February 13th

To be completely honest, I couldn't remember who Jessica was at first but after reflecting on the name and all of my friends from High School, I remember exactly who she is. If I remember right, here parents are Lutheran and her sister, Brittany, was in a lot of my classes and was also in band with me from freshman to senior year. (She played trumpet I think)
 I will always remember being "the Mormon" in the band. I know that I wasn't a perfect example of a member of the church. Yeah, sometimes I was prideful, yeah, sometimes I let my attitude get out of control, and yeah, it was fun to just hang out a little even if the conversations weren't quite LDS standards, but I really tried to be the best example possible. I know people who have admitted that, by knowing me, their interest in the church has grown but I find it amazing that one of the people that I least intended to impact received the gospel so well. I have a ton of other friends that I have invited to learn more since I went to BYU, but that never went very far, but it is great to know that people can often see what one cant in the way they are or they way they act.
I was really caught by surprise by that story. Thank you so much for sending it to me. Tell Sister Milne that I am speechless and astounded by what she said. I needed to hear that.
SO this week went well for us. Our investigators aren't progressing as fast as they need to be and are starting to face a lot of opposition so we are still trying really hard to find new investigators. We have a lot of great people that we are teaching and everyday we find more people who are trying to improve their lives and their relationship with God. It is incredible, the stories people tell us are heartbreaking sometimes. Often they turn to us to help them understand their trials of find ways to overcome them. It is amazing seeing how the Atonement really changes lives and allows people to change.
We also had interviews this week which are always great because we learn a lot and Pres. Humphrey really likes to keep things interesting. The mission has changed so much since I've gotten here and the mission only gets better day by day. I am just trying to keep up with all of the wonderful changes and not fall into the old habits that my senior comps taught me. Things are so much better now.  I love it!
Things are going great. I am really happy. And the package you sent arrived this morning to the office so I just got it. Cheryl told me that you are going to be hanging out with her this weekend and I suggested that all of y'all should go to Monterrey and enjoy some seafood. Also you can enjoy the bay in winter. I know it might be rainy and cold but it might be fun. Who knows, maybe you'll run into somebody you know there.
I love you all a ton and hope everything is going great.
You are awesome,

Elder McNeil

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