Saturday, February 19, 2011

January 31st

So as I promised this is going to be a nice long email. I only had a really, ridiculously crazy week so I know you will enjoy every story that I´ll write. So Kerri is probably in the airport as I write this week makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. One day that will be me. I don´t want to sound like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys but I really don´t want to grow up! The time is already going by way too fast and there is way too much to do! To live will be a big adventure. Just a random thought, I have a few nicknames here in the mission. One of them is Peter Pan so the fact that I made that reference makes me laugh a little bit.
So you probably want to see the pictures from the waterfall. I would send them to you if I had the cable to my camera or an adapter for my memory card (possible birthday package item?). I don´t really have any crazy stories from the waterfall expect for the crazy ladders we had to climb to get down there. They were like the things you see in adventure movies that are only extremely dangerously looking but everyone seems to survive some how. I´ll send you the pictures when I can... whenever that will be.
Other than the waterfall I had some other crazy things happen to me. I spent a few hours Tuesday night having to chase down some escaped cows. There is a recent convert here in Chill├ín who owns some cows that escaped from his property up in el campo. We passed by to see how is was (he is 75 or so and we pass by every once in a while to share some scriptures with him because he is a fairly lonely man) and he said that he had to leave as soon as possible to take care of his whole cows on the loose situation. We got permission to help and I went up to the property with one of the missionaries who I live with because my comp had to stay and do a minicambio with the ZLs to get some interviews done with. When we got there we had to run behind the cows to get them startled and moving in the direction that they needed to go and then we had to run past them and up ahead to block of any sort of diversion from the path (Can you find a gospel principle in that?). I don´t know if you have ever had to run up a street with angry cows chasing you but it really is an interesting experience. We survived the adventure and now have another experience that I will never forget.
Unfortunately, I dont have any news to report about investigators. It isn´t that we don´t have any. We actually have a ton, they just aren´t progressing the way Kerri´s always do. I swear, there is something about sister missionaries that enchants the Chilenos. We are doing well and we are learning a lot about what we need to do to improve.
So there you have it. A fun filled week of adventure and excitement. I´m excited to hear from yall soon.
Elder McNeil

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