Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 7th

Well, I hope things keep going so well with Kerri home. She is probably freaking out still. Just keep me filled in on all the new toys she is getting, just so i know what to look forward to in a year and a half. Ha, okay well, I dont even really have time to think about that stuff but I hope she enjoys all of her new toys. I hope everything goes well with Mom´s calling and with all of the responsibilities that goes with that and that everything goes well with the house. Also, if you ever see the Stake president, let him know i appreciate the letter he and the stake presidency sent me, even though they only met me once.
Unfortunately, I dont have a lot to report about the work here in Chillán. This sector has proven to be a lot harder than I ever imagined. We are hoping that it is just because everyone has left town for the summer vacation but I have been working really, really hard and we have some real potential here. I know that as long as I keep at it patiently, we will get this ball moving but you know how frustrating it is for me to work really hard and see little progress. At least I have had some great stories to tell (read the email from last week pasted below). Well I am trying to attach some photos of some of my adventures but it doesnt look like this computer will let me so you may need to wait a little bit longer for those.
Today we made some great breakfast burritos with our district leader who is from California but is from a Mexican family so thing are going great.

Love ,
Elder McNeil

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