Monday, February 28, 2011

February 21st

Okay so this week was about 100 times more relaxed than last week. I really love Chillán and things are going really well here as far as the work goes. So did have our special regional conference (I should probably keep it very clear that it was a satilite transmission) and the temple wasn´t even mentioned once, but it really isn´t important. We still got to listen to Pres. Packer and Elder Christofferson (who speaks incredible spanish). The temple will be build in its own time and I know I will atleast see something happen with it while I´m still here.
So I found a ciber with a card adapter that works so SURPRISE, I´m going to send a ton of pictures in this email.
So I´ve learned that the mission treats you well when you stop looking for "success" and just let things happen. It is good to have expectations but when reality comes along you have no choice to accept it, so why not accept it with a smile? This past week went really well, and we are getting things lined up for a few possible baptisms here soon.
  So here are some photos I´ll send more later too. Enjoy!

Elder McNeil


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