Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 20th

I got one of your packages. The one with all the music and stuff so you don't need to worry about that any more. The rest, I will probably get in the beginning of January but who knows, with as far away as I am from the mission home we only get mail every so often. I got some letters from some friends at the same time as the package but I need more time to write them back.
First off, I would love to see our house in some magazine, even if it is some girly design magazine. Second, Dont worry too much about the site approval, I know everything will work out just fine with it. Third, KERRI IS GOING TO JERUSALEM!!!! wow, that is really cool. Im going to think about doing that but seeing as I have another three years of school after my mission I would like to do at least one semester back in Gringolandia before I go anywhere else. Also let grandma and grandpa know that I love them and that they need to take care of themselves. (that goes for both sides of the family)
So this past week was fairly normal. We have a family who should be getting baptized this Sunday which would be awesome and we have a lot of people who are feeding us food and food and food for Christmas. They have this fruitcake type thing which is either incredibly awesome or like really bad fruitcake. We will be eating a lot of it this week and Ill just have to hope its the good kind. This week we went and did something called an invasion where all the missionaries from our zone went to one specific sector where the missionaries need some help and work for a few hours which was awesome. We went to the sister´s sector and worked there which was a lot of fun. Also this morning we went up into the mountains to go hiking as a zone and we found a ton of the Chilean tarantulas which are really cool. I have some photos that I will send you the next time I can of some of the cool things Ive seen. (During our hike today, I fell into the river which was embarrassing but it was my fault and, frankly, that is just life for you. Dont worry, everything is fine. I just had to hike with really wet pants). 
So I love you guys and have a very, very Merry Christmas with the Minsons. Talk to you Saturday. 
Con mucho amor,

Elder McNeil

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