Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 22nd

To clarify the confusion about the temperature. Concepción is on the coast and is actually quite a bit like San Francisco in weather. San Clemente and Talca where I´m at is about 4ish hours north and east of Concepción and has weather similar to the Central Valley and Sacramento. I hope that made sense and it is hot!!!

Well I´m sorry that everyone is sick. Like always, I´ll keep yall in my prayers (and the house too). Yeah, and we were not involved in the Ice Cream fight to clarify that story too. Also, I´m glad that Harry Potter was fun but I am really grateful that I will see it all in one sitting instead of having to break it up. So I actually don´t have a lot of time so I am going to keep this short.

I had a special new missionary training in Concepción this week which was really great to see the southern part of the mission, which is gorgeous and working in a new area is always fun for me. We also learned a ton. I have an amazing mission president and his wife is incredible as well. We went to the mission home and for two days they had training sessions and then we went out with some missionaries to actually use what we learned which was a lot of fun. I also got to eat salad with ranch dressing which was incredible. I also received the scripture cases I bought. I like them a lot... but they spelled  my name wrong which I thought was funny. I´m going to write them an email and fix the situation because I already paid and all.

So I was invited to a recent convert´s house for a thanksgiving lunch. I am really excited for that. Also, in the package you send me, can you send me some good scripture markers. Enjoy your time in San Antonio and watching real football. And I´ll hear from yall in a week.
Love ,
Elder McNeil

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