Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 6th

My new companion is named Elder Barajas. His family is from Mexico and... well he was raised in Oregon, so I don`t really get the full latino companion experience again, but he is really awesome and it is actually nice to speak english every once in a while now.
So its starting to feel a lot like Christmas... well, mostly. The chileans are now putting out all the Christmas decorations and they are going out and buying all thier Christmas gifts. I am enjoying this opportunity to see how the Chileans are going to celebrate the Holiday but, frankly, it looks like they have borrowed quite a bit from Gringolandia. I feel bad for the Chilean viejito pascuero (santa claus) because it is way too warm to be wearing that big red coat and with the sliegh might struggle with the lack of snow. Well, I guess we stole Santa from the Germans anyway but they guys in the santa claus suits are struggling with the heat. I`ll let you know when I get your package. Let me know when y`all get mine because it looks like its been a few years since the last time anyone sent an international package from San Clemente (just so you know it cost about 55 dollars if you were going to pay me back for than).
So this week we had a cool service experience. We got to clean the wooden rafters on an adobe house which ment lot of climbing up and over really old wooden beams. That was a cool experience.
I`ll keep Grandma and Grandpa in my prayers and the house as well. So I hope things are going well and I am glad that I am thousands of miles away and I still have a strange talent to impress young women ;). I love you guys and we will talk soon.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder McNeil

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