Monday, September 27, 2010

Sepember 27th

First, I am really sorry. This morning, we were in a hurry to get to Talca to do some things related to my companions visa (we need to get a new one every year) and I forgot to bring my camera so you will have to wait at least another week for the pictures I was going to email. I was going to wait until I sent the pictures to surprise y`all but this past weekend, we had three baptisms. Three fantastic mujeres named Violeta, Yazna, and Elena. Three weeks, three baptisms. They weren`t people that I contacted but people that I worked with these past few weeks and they really are amazing people. I`ll explain more when I actually send the pictures... hopefully next week I`ll be able to remember. Yeah, once again, I am really sorry about that. Also, yes Dad, loving people is a challenge for us but everyday I am learning to love more. It is hard and I am never going to be a "loving person" but I am learning to love people more and more everyday as i really get to know them.
Also I`ll explain a little bit about my area but more when I actually send the pictures. I am in a town called San Clemente which is close to a city named Talca which is just about two hours south of Santiago (I am closer to Santiago than Concepcion). The town is surrounded by Campo (vineyards, orchards, farms, ranches, etc.) and the people there either work in the campo or in Talca. Talca was hit pretty hard by the earthquake which is unfortunate because it is a cool city but a lot of it was destroyed but in a few years it is going to be really great again. The Branch in San Clemente has about 75 active members and is slowly getting stronger. Also my companion and I get along well, but is just frustrating that I can`t have some gringo backup if I don`t know what I am trying to say, but the branch really thinks my spanish is great especially for only 3 weeks, but don`t worry too much, I am learning how to handle frustration better than ever in my life (I know it isn`t saying much but improvement is improvement). So after the 18 of September which is the chilean independence day (when I ate probably 25 lbs of empanadas and asada) I have been constantly hungry. I am actually starting to get a little concerned because I am always eating. its weird!

I love you and pray for you constantly

Elder McNeil

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